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LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lighting
LED Tube Lights are generally used for office light and may be utilized in both parabolic and indirect lighting fixtures. They function best in climate controlled regions with regular ceiling heights, such as storage areas, manufacturing flooring, and mechanic. LED tubes are an energy efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes. LED tube lights also boast much better color rendering, require less care, and burn less often with as much as 100,000 life hours.
About LED Tube Sizes
The simplest way to tell what size LED tube light you require is to read the tag in the end. If the label peeled off or is no longer legible, you are able to gauge the LED tubes diameter to work out the size. The \”T\” stands for the tubular form of the light bulb along with the amount gives the width of the bulb at eights of an inch. A T8 includes a 1-inch diameter, T5 includes a 5/8 inch diameter, and T12 is a 12/8 inch (or 1.5-inch diameter. If a T12 along with a T8 use exactly the identical bi-pin foundation, you may use them interchangeably with exactly the identical light fixture so long as you double check the milliamp (mA) needs of the ballast.
Multiple T8 LED Tube Color Temperatures Avalible