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SKU: HED-WAW-24W-435

26W LED Wall Washer RGB

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Our LED Wall Washer Lights can work in independent mode or DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects such as flashing, fading, or seven color jumping synchronously. There are thousands of programmable effects with DMX if many lights are being connected together. Our LED Wall Washers are perfect for decorating buildings, walls, and any other application with bright LED color.


Product Voltage Beam Angle LED Qty IP Rating Chip Type Dimensions Weight
15W LED Wall Washer RGB 120/240VAC 15°/30°/45° 12pcs IP65 CREE 17.32″X3.07″x2.72″ 5.18lbs
20W LED Wall Washer RGB 120/240VAC 15°/30°/45° 18pcs IP65 CREE 22.83″X3.07″x2.72″ 6.17lbs
26W LED Wall Washer RGB 120/240VAC 15°/30°/45° 24pcs IP65 CREE 33.07″X3.07″x2.72″ 8.22lbs
40W LED Wall Washer RGB 120/240VAC 15°/30°/45° 36pcs IP65 CREE 44.09″X3.07″x2.72″ 9.92lbs
52W LED Wall Washer RGB 120/240VAC 15°/25°/40° 48pcs IP65 CREE 48.82″X3.07″x2.72″ 11.51lbs


  • Energy saving LED Wall Washers
  • CREE LED Chips
  • Environment Friendly
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Beam Angles: 10°/15°/25°/40°
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Operating Temperature: -20ºC ~ 40ºC
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Working Modes: Independent mode; DMX mode; Master/ Slave mode


Landscape Light

Spec Sheet


LED 48W Wall Washer


Perfect for buildings, walls, and all other Wall Washer applications.

LED Landscape Lights LED Linear Landscape LED Landscape Lights


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